Application Load Testing

Expecting a peak

  • Selling tickets
  • Games and competitions
  • Seasonal sales
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Events
Load testing
Load testing Failure point

Determine failure points

Testing key factors

  • Number of visitors
  • Behavior
  • Locations

Each of the key factors will be put to the test to challenge its limits in multiple scenarios. The result is a full capacity report. The analysis tells you how and when your system can fail you and serves as a base for potential upscaling of your project.

The test

In the most convenient time for you, our team sets up multiple virtual machines. They are gradually deployed and sent to “attack” your application ruthlessly. Depending on your peak expectations, the simulation mimics the behavior of tens of thousands of simultaneous users. The test is performed until:

  • we find a point of failure
  • we find a level of failure
  • we reach an unreasonable high amount of users for your expectations

Load test

Receive a detailed load test report for your application



Our team wants to know your expectations of the peak scenario – what numbers and behavior you need to be able to handle.


Test script & first load

A detailed plan is outlined on how the test will be carried out


Report & discuss results

Results are discussed with you.



Check if simple adjustments change the results.



After you have made you adjustments based on our feedback, we will rerun the test.


Final report

You receive advice on possible changes that need to be implemented in order to handle your expected traffic.

Load testing report

The report

The final result from the application testing is a data report we discuss with you. The report includes

  • CPU load
  • Memory usage
  • I/O load
  • Networking
  • Bottlenecks

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