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Application Load Testing RECOMMENDED

Have a peace of mind during crucial events – test if your app is strong enough to handle high-demand ticket sales, games and competitions, viral campaigns, holiday shopping crazes, event sign-up’s and other high-traffic events. We create a custom built strength test based on your peak expectations, user flow, behavior flow, and other relevant specifics of your app or website. At the agreed time a simulation of tens of thousands of simultaneous users is unleashed looking for potential flaws, bottlenecks and generally testing the capacity limits.

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DevOps Expert Services

Our Operations team and your Development team join forces to bring it from the blueprints to the users. DevOps is where your business and ours connect. Knowing the needs and the possibilities, the DevOps cooperation sets out designing the perfect plan - determining the strategy, including the right components, doing the precise configurations - and then executing every step with meticulous attention to detail – through testing and deploying to monitoring and supporting.

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Stone IS dream team

A dream team of experienced professionals that will detect potential points of failure, analyze them with you and outline the perfect solution. You receive a full report detailing weaknesses, suggesting adjustments and describing a scaling scenario. When high traffic hits, you are prepared and never miss a single transaction. Never lose a single customer.

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Our specialists are available to provide you with free advice. Feel free to contact Jean-Louis and his colleagues via e-mail or by phone. Let's work together and make magic happen!

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